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EQUATOR Table Top Inspection / Gauging Fixture by Renishaw

The revolutionary EQUATOR is a new, versatile, table top, user friendly inspection station for quickly and precisely collecting thousands of points during a 3D scanning process.

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The new Renishaw Equator™ is a versatile alternative to custom gauging, offering inspection of an unprecedented variety of manufactured parts. Installation of an Equator is possible in minutes, and re-configuration of the gauging system to cater for part design changes or to measure new parts is now possible in a fraction of the time taken with conventional custom gauging.

Quantity equals quality.

The thousands of points collected during 3D scanning with the industry standard SP25 probe results in better metrology and enables effective form measurement. Every data point can be used for comparative measurement – one Equator can perform the same function of thousands of DTIs, LVDTs or handheld instruments.

Outstanding results in any climate The Equator`s innovative gauging technology is based on the traditional comparison of production parts to a reference master part. Re-mastering is as swift as measuring a production part and immediately compensates for any thermal effects, returning data that could have been collected in the temperature controlled quality room.


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