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Lathe Packages

DP1200 Lathe Packages
DP1200 Lathe Packages By:NEWALL

The NEWALL DP1200 digital readout was design specifically for long travel machine tools, which includes features that are essential for increasing pro...

DP700 Lathe Packages
DP700 Lathe Packages By:NEWALL

The NEWALL DP700 digital readout is housed in a rugged, ergonomically designed casting. The DRO features all essential functions for lathe and tu...

DRO100 Lathe Packages
DRO100 Lathe Packages By:ACU-RITE

The ACU-RITE DRO100 series is the most cost-effective, entry-level digital readout system that incorporates display technology and features and versatile softwa...

DRO203 Lathe Packages
DRO203 Lathe Packages By:ACU-RITE

ACU-RITE DRO 203 is the industry's most advanced digital readout for milling applications, featuring numerous common and custom complete lathe package...

DRO300 Lathe Packages
DRO300 Lathe Packages By:ACU-RITE

A Full-function Digital Readout with up to four axes for Mills, Lathes and General Applications 

200S Lathe Packages Discontinued
200S Lathe Packages by ACU-RITE By:ACU-RITE

The Acu-Rite 200S features exclusive LCD display screen technology and versatile software to accommodate turning applications.

LH70 Lathe Packages Discontinued
LH70 Lathe Packages by Magnescale By:Magnescale

Magnescale Magnetic Digital Readouts for lathes and grinders

VUE Basic Lathe Packages Discontinued
VUE Basic Lathe Packages by ACU-RITE By:ACU-RITE

The ACU-RITE VUE is a simple, cost-effective entry level solution for manual lathe applications.  The VUE features exclusive LCD d...