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CMM Probes

MH20 CMM Probe
MH20 CMM Probe By:Renishaw

The MH20 incorporates the TP20 kinematic mount with two axis adjustable swivel

MH20i CMM Probe
MH20i CMM Probe By:Renishaw

The MH20i offers repeatable indexing, while incorporates the TP20 kinematic mount with two axis indexing.

MH8 CMM Probes
MH8 CMM Probes By:Renishaw

The MH8 is a compact, manual indexable probe designed for use on small manual CMMs

MIH CMM Probe By:Renishaw

A manually indexable head with 720 locking positions, featuring an integral LCD display and an autojoint connection suitable for most Renishaw probes.

MIH-S CMM Probe By:Renishaw

A serial version of the MIH which provides feedback of status and lock position to the CMM computer

OTP6M CMM Probe By:Renishaw

The OTP6M optical trigger probe system provides non-contact sensing, enabling the measurement of pliable or delicate components.

PH1 CMM Probe
PH1 CMM Probe By:Renishaw

PH1 is a small shank mounted manual probe head for A and B movement, with limited overtravel protection.

PH10M CMM Probe
PH10M CMM Probe By:Renishaw

Motorised probe head with Autochange capability, high torque and multiwire capability

PH10M Plus
PH10M Plus By:Renishaw

Renishaw PH10M PLUS motorized indexing probe head