DRO300 Mill Packages


The DRO 300 series is the most complete digital readout system in the machine tool marketplace, the DRO300 has full part program capability, 99 tool offsets and multiple DRO displays along with standard input/output capability and edgefinder probe support all on an easy to read 7-inch color display. Designed and manufactured in the USA, ACU-RITE readouts are the first choice of machine tool builders and users alike.

  • 3 Axes (DRO303) or 4 Axes (DRO304)
  • 7-inch color wide screen (15:9)\
  • Resolution 800 x 480 pixels for Position Values, Dialog Messages, Input and Graphic Functions
  • Program Storage
  • Advanced Skew Compensation
  • Job Clock / Stop Watch
  • Feed Rate Display
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Absolute/Incremental
  • Near-Zero Warning with Graphics
  • Help function
  • 99 Tool Offsets/Diameter
  • Preset and Zero Reset
  • 4 Function Calculator/Trig Calculator
  • Instant Inch/mm Conversion
  • Position-Trac™ Home Reference System
  • Linear/non-linear compensation up to ±9,999 ppm

Milling-specific features

  • Bolthole pattern calculations with graphics (full and partial circles/linear patterns)
  • Centerline calculation enables you to establish workpiece zero and midpoints
  • Edge finder input
  • I/O (option)


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