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LB 382 / 382C by HEIDENHAIN

Sealed Linear Encoders for Large Measuring Lengths with 1Vpp or TTL Quadrature Output

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Incremental linear encoders for measuring steps to 1 Ám(0.00005 in.) With linear machine error compensation. With defined thermal behavior. Horizontal mounting possible. Mirror-inverted version available. Offered in single or multi-section housing.

Measuring standard - AURODUR steel scale tape
Output signals - 1Vpp Sinusoidal / 5v TTL Quadrature
Signal period - 40 Ám
Accuracy grade ▒ 5 Ám
Recommended measurement steps 10 Ám to 0.1 Ám
Measuring lengths 440mm to 30040mm
Reference mark - One or distance-coded (C version)

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