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A Tech Authority is excited to offer the latest generation of the MILLPWR control! If you have an older version of the MILLPWR, we are also offering monitor upgrade packages.
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MillPWR-G2 Knee Mill Control by Acu-Rite

The easiest operating CNC control system in the industry is now equipped with full 3-D contouring capabilities. Marketed as `Powerful Easy`, ACU-RITE has advanced the MILLPWRG2 2- and 3-axes control/3-axes readout system to combine the latest technology

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ACU-RITE maintains its superiority by continuing to combine every MILLPWRG2 system with ACU-RITE precision glass scales for unmatched accuracy and reliability. An inherently durable material, ACU-RITE precision glass scales resist changes in size, shape or density due to temperature and humidity variations. Their stability ensures an accuracy as fine as 1.5um (.00006`), earning them an industry-wide reputation for excellence in measurement and precise positioning technology. The accuracy of ACU-RITE`s precision glass scales is essential to the precise control of the MILLPWRG2 system.

Built on the strength of its former design, the MILLPWRG2 control continues to provide machinists the convenience of straightforward 2-1/2 axis conversational shop-floor programming, eliminating time-consuming calculations and the need to learn complicated programs. In addition to this, MILLPWRG2 has the ability to run G-code files from CAD/CAM programs, giving users the capability of full 3-D contouring. Consequently, MILLPWRG2 is even easier to use and maximizes productivity for machinists of all levels, from the less experienced operator, to the most seasoned veteran.

MILLPWRG2`s numerous capabilities put many valuable functions at the tip of the operator`s finger. MILLPWRG2 conversational shop floor programming makes it `powerful easy` to create and store multi-step part programs that include custom pockets, contours, chamfers, hole patterns, engraving, and other specialized features within a few short steps. After a program is created, it can be saved on MILLPWRG2 internal flash memory, a PC (using Ethernet), or on a USB stick, and reloaded later for future orders. If an order is accompanied with a DXF file, MILLPWRG2 will translate the part geometry into an operator-friendly program. MILLPWRG2 also has the ability to merge programs and edit, rearrange and delete multiple program steps at one time, quickly and easily.

The newly enhanced MILLPWRG2 is more valuable then ever, increasing machine shop production output. With MILLPWRG2, operators will spend less time setting up jobs and inputting data and more time actually machining parts. During programming, MILLPWRG2 helps keep errors to a minimum by use of the immediate part-view graphics feature. MILLPWRG2 will also reduce scrap with the use of its dry-run feature, allowing the tool`s cutting path to be verified `on screen` before a tool touches the part.

Each MILLPWRG2 system also includes a skew feature. With this unique skew setting, job setups are faster. Instead of aligning the workpiece perfectly parallel with the X-or Y-axes by hand, users can easily align the part program to the workpiece using this feature.

ACU-RITE developed a system that is easy to learn and `powerful easy` to use, using a sturdy operator console that features a 12.1-inch, flat panel, color LCD display; a color-coded, well-organized keypad; and USB ports, all standard equipment.


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