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MILLPWR 3500i Control by Acu-Rite

Acu-Rite 3500i excelles in efficiency, versatility, and productivity for significant time-savings. Intuitive touch screen control streamlines programming task for faster set ups

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The Acu-Rite 3500i features a flexible touch screen layout that`s driven by software designed from the ground up to give operators a versatile array of options. Graphical, one-touch function keys both simplify and accelerate programming and set-up tasks.

The 3500i is two controls in one, Conversational and G-Code. Conversational is programmed in plain machinist language and uses a powerful set of canned cycles to aid in quick and easy to understand programming. G-Code is entered using the on-screen full keyboard or the G-Code help editor. Importing programs is fast and easy via networking and USB.

New Interface
Intuitive touch screen interface
Custom PLC touch screen buttons eliminate the need for a manual panel
Active MDI fields
XGA Display (Extended Graphics Array 1024x768 resolution)
Text and graphical program preview in Program Manager
Program preview in editor
Full support for conversational and g-code programming

Acu-Rite 3500i Retrofi t Kits are available for both new and older models of the most common knee mills and bed mills, elevating accuracy and expanding the types and complexity of jobs they can run. Kits for 3-axis and 4-axis systems consist of servo motors, drive assemblies and the ball screw, plus the 3500i touch screen control. Quill drive assemblies are also available.

Boost the productivity, accuracy and capabilities of your existing mills with the easy-to-learn, touch screen efficiency of the Acu-Rite 3500i.


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