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KGM 282 Inspection Grid Encoder by HEIDENHAIN

The new KGM 282 replaces the KGM 181/182 for machine tool inspection and acceptance testing with a higher accuracy grade

The KGM 282 is the ultimate standard for machine tool inspection and acceptance testing. The new KGM 282 features an enhanced phase grating embedded in an aluminum holder, which consists of two parts, and is mechanically decoupled from the fixing frame. The aluminum holder is designed so that, even if the mounting surface is uneven, no mechanical stress is applied to the level of the measuring standard. This makes it possible to guarantee the accuracy of +/- 1um for the system - even in the field. The older KGM 181/182 guarantee a system accuracy of +/- 2um.

The new measuring range of the KGM 282 is 230mm with a signal period of 4um.

Note: current ACCOM software and the EIB741 will still be required for KGM 282