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The IK 5000 is a universal PC package solution for measuring machines requiring 2D and 3D measuring tasks.

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IK 5000 QUADRA-CHEK, the universal PC package solution for 2-D and 3-D measuring tasks, is equally suitable as initial equipment on a machine as well as for retrofitting. It is available in versions for three or four axes, and the optional expansions make it ready for all coordinate measuring technology applications and for video measuring microscopes. You can use it to measure two- and three-dimensional geometries and their relationships.

The IK 5000 QUADRA-CHEK consists of the IK 5000 slot card for the PC as well as
the additional necessary slot covers and the corresponding PC software. Once
installed on your PC you will have a powerful measuring station.

User interface
The IK 5000 QUADRA-CHEK screen shows various configurable windows and tool fields for clear and simple operation. The Part View window shows the measured features with the accepted measuring points. You can also define relationships here.

The Video window (only with video evaluation)
Shows the video image in real time.

The Template windows
List all measured features, relationships and constructed features together with their values and tolerances in tables. The feature currently being measured is shown in the Feature Stamp window. The Results window contains all corresponding information.

The DRO window
Shows you the current measuring position.

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