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XR20-W Rotary Calibrator by Renishaw

Renishaw`s new wireless rotary axis verification and calibration tool for machining centers.

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The XR20-W works in conjunction with the Renishaw XL-80 laser measurement system. The XR20-W consists of an integrated angular retroreflector mounted on a precision rotary indexer. The angular position of the optics relative to the main body housing is servo-controlled using a very high accuracy encoder system directly machined onto the main bearing. The main body can be locked into a separate mounting ring which is attached to the axis being measured. If the XR20-W rotates then the associated laser system measures that rotation very accurately, giving an overall measurement to within 1 arc second (equivalent to a movement of less than 5 microns at a distance of 1m). Compared to existing rotary indexers the XR20-W is designed to allow traceable 1 arc second axis measurement to be applied to more rotary axes, more simply and more quickly. It also has significant advantages compared to other methods such as auto collimators and the use of optical polygons.

The Renishaw XR20-W kit consists of the XR20-W Head, Mounting Ring, Adapter Plate, Centration Aid, Chuck Adapter, Battery Charger, Batteries, USB Cable and Adapter, RotaryXL Software and Manual, Calibration Certificate, and System Case.

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