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XL-80 Laser Measurment System by Renishaw

The new Renishaw XL-80 laser measurement system offers high performance calibration for motion systems, including CMMs and machine tools.

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Fast, accurate and extremely portable, the XL-80 system retains the Renishaw ML10`s key virtues of accuracy, reliability and durability in day-to-day use, where it really matters. Together with advanced software solutions and superior performance, use the XL-80 to improve your businesses performance.

Key benefits of the XL-80
Renishaw has been designing, manufacturing and supplying laser systems for nearly 20 years. The XL-80 builds on that experience to deliver a real advance in system performance and operational benefits for users.

Portability and ease of use
The size of the XL-80 laser and XC-80 compensator means that a complete linear system can fit into a `wheelie-case` and weighs only 12 kg. Add the tripod, in its own fabric case and you have a truly portable solution to machine metrology. Both the laser and compensator connect to your PC via USB so there is no separate interface required and no complicated set-up to worry about.

Accuracy and dynamic performance
Linear measurement accuracy is an assured 0.5 ppm thanks to a precision stabilised laser source and accurate environmental compensation. Readings can be taken at up to 50 kHz, with a maximum linear measurement speed of 4 m/s and a linear resolution of 1 nm, even at maximum speed. All measurement options (not just linear) are based on interferometric measurements, giving confidence in the accuracy of the data recorded.


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