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Q-Mark Manufacturing, Inc. designs and manufactures tooling for measurement devices, with an emphasis on CMM tooling

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Q-Mark was started in 1992 by Mark Osterstock, who at the time was a salesman for a prestigious CMM manufacturer. His own customers made him aware of the need for a first-class CMM tooling manufacturer with overnight delivery. Drawing on his earlier career as a tool and die maker, Mark started manufacturing CMM styli on a manually operated lathe, while his wife, Karen, assembled parts on a granite block.

Today Q-Mark Manufacturing uses state-of-the-art CNC machinery and proprietary assembly fixtures. In March 2000, Q-Mark`s quality system was certified to the international standard ISO 9001, for the `Design and Manufacture of Tooling for Measurement Devices`.

WHAT IS SILICON NITRIDE.q. It is an extremely hard hybrid ceramic (Si3N4) with a very low coefficient of friction. It takes a polished finish better than other materials. Silicon nitride balls are widely used in machine tool spindles for long life.

WHY USE A SILICON NITRIDE BALL INSTEAD OF A RUBY BALL.q. When used to measure certain soft materials - for example, aluminum and cast iron - ruby balls tend to accumulate tiny bits of the material on their surface, rapidly leading to errors in measurement. The ball and stylus must then be discarded and replaced. When used in scanning applications, ruby balls are susceptible to wear, particularly on hard or abrasive surfaces. If the ball wears, the tool must be discarded.

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