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100S (Replaced by the DRO100) by Acu-Rite

The Acu-Rite 100S for milling, turning, grinding and general functions provides a simple and affordable solution to manual application needs.

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From the large, 3D, tactile-feel, color keypad to the conversational message prompts, the 100S benefits the machine operator with a clear and easy to use readout system without sacrificing performance.The 100S for milling comes complete with bolthole pattern calculations, zero reset and preset features, centerline calculation, linear error compensation, near zero warning, absolute/incremental display and many more operating features. The 100S for turning comes complete with tool offset, preset and zero reset, absolute/incremental display, instant radius/diameter conversion, linear error compensation and many more operating features. The 100S for grinding and general use comes complete with zero reset capability, instant radius/diameter conversion, absolute/incremental display, instant inch/mm conversion, linear error compensation and many more operating features.

100s for Milling Applications
-Bolthole pattern calculations
-Centerline calculation
-Preset and zero reset capability
-Multiple display resolutions
-Absolute/incremental display
-Instant inch/mm conversion
-Linear error conpensation
-Membrane sealed keypad
-Message prompts

-Bolthole pattern calculations with graphics (full pattern and partial circles)
-Centerline calculation enables you to establish workpiece aero and midpoints
-16 tool offsets/diameter
-2 - 3-axis LCD display
-Preset and zero reset
-Near-zero warning
-Instant inch/mm conversion
-Linear and non-linear error compensation
-Electronic edge finder input
-Postion-Trac- a unique feature that lest you easily, quickly and accurately reestablish workpiece zero after power loss

100S for Turning Applications
-Tool offset
-Instant radius/diameter conversion
-Preset and zero reset capability
-Instant inch/mm conversion
-Linear error compensation
-Absolute/incremental display
-Selectable count direction
-Message prompts/error codes

100S for Grinding and General Purpose Applications
-Zero reset capability
-Instant radius/diameter conversion
-Absolute/incremental display
-Instant inch/mm conversion
-Linear error compensation
-Conversational message compensation

200S Technical Data
1, 2, or 3-axes digital LED display
-Die-cast metal
Electrical Requriements
-Voltage of 100-240 Vac, single phase
-Power of 20 VA max.
-Frequency of 50-60 Hz per channel
Operating Temperature
-0 to 40 C
-4lbs, 2oz.

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