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Wizard 211 by Anilam

The perfect choice for any machine tool application when basic DRO functions are required.

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With features like reset, preset, absolute/incremental mode, inch/metric conversion, radius/diameter mode, machine error compensation and many others, it will meet your basic needs and more.

EverTrack- Additional precision grating on the RBS and RBM linear encoders ensure permanent position tracking. The position will never be lost due to power interruptions.

Radius/Diameter Mode- The console can display the position either as a radius or diameter, an invaluable feature for

Machine Error Compensation- Machine mechanics are never exact. A correction factor can be set for each axis independently. Just move the axis a known distance, input what it should have been and the wizard will automatically make the necessary correction. Correction is linear in Wizard 211 and can vary over four segments in other models.

Absolute/Incremental Mode- This feature allows positioning using either an absolute datum or the last position as reference for subsequent moves. Selectable with a single key stroke.

Number of axes- 1, 2, or, 3
Housing- Die-cast
Configurable axis designation
Display resolution- .0005/.0001/.0002/.0005/.001 inch
Support inch-grating encoders
Inch/Metric conversion
Absolute/Incremental mode
Radius/Diameter mode
Machine error compensation- linear
Mid-point calculation
Approaching zero warning- .5inch/10mm
Add/Subtract calculator

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