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VRO 300T by Acu-Rite

Designed with an easy-to-view, 9-inch CRT, a 3-D color keypad and built-in reference tables, the VRO 300T is equipped to maximize your productivity for any turning application. 1-axis to 6-axes display

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This operator-friendly readout system reduces setup time and increases throughput with an applicationspecific feature set that includes:

99 Tool Offsets for easy compensation of different tool sizes, Lock Axis feature, used in conjunction with tool offsetting, lets you establish tool offsets with the tool under load, resulting in reduced tool deflection
Instant radius/diameter conversion reduces math errors and allows you to machine to print dimensions
Vectoring feature allows you to compensate for angle offsets when threading or tapering
Position-Trac™, a unique feature that lets you easily, quickly and accurately reestablish workpiece zero after power loss, Programming, Teach Position, Preset and zero reset, Graphic near-zero warning, Instant inch/mm conversion, 99-segment linear error compensation

Shrinkage/Expansion Multiplier (Scale), Position-Trac™: Battery Backup, Recall Function, Home Reference, Electronic Edge Finder Input, Radius/Diameter Conversion, Lock Axis
Automatic Scale Resolution Detection, Absolute/Incremental Display, Inch/mm Conversion, 99 Tool Offsets, Taper Calculator, Vectoring, Programming, Teach Position, Preset, Reference Preset, Zero Reset, Near-zero Warning, Die-cast MetalConstruction, Weight 17.0 lbs., Linear Error Compensation: 99 Segment with Auto Calc.
Speed/Feed Rate Display, Tables (Thread Sizes, Surface Speeds, etc.), RS-232 Interface, Optional Control Function Interface (CFI), Switchable Count Direction, Self Diagnostics, Job Clock

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