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SHG-AF Linear (FANUC) by Newall

SHG-AF Digital FANUC Interface Scale, Resolutions of 10Ám, 5Ám, 1Ám, 0.5Ám

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SHG-AF protocol is proprietary to Fanuc and available on all of their control systems. The controller makes a request for positional data and the encoder has to respond correctly with data within a strictly controlled time state. Developed to meet a wide range of feedback applications, the SHG-AF absolute linear encoder provides a true absolute position immediately upon power-up. The encoder does not use batteries or static memory to retain the positional data. True position can be reacquired once power is applied, regardless of duration or power-off movements.

Protection rating of IP67, fully submergible. Absolute scale so reference marks are not required. Featuring quick and easy installation for lengths from 4in to 137.8in

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