VM 182


Owners and manufacturers of machine tools need measuring systems that provide detailed information on machine accuracy with a minimum of time spent on mounting and adjustment. The following measuring systems can satisfy these requirements: The VM 182 Comparator System is for measuring the positioning accuracy, repeatability, and guideway error of linear axes on manual and CNC-controlled machines Measuring standard - Two-coordinate DIADUR phase grating on steel Signal period - 4 µm in longitudinal and transverse directions Coefficient of thermal expansion - atherm= 10 ppm/K Measuring lengths - 420 mm, 520 mm, 1020 mm, 1220 mm, 1520 mm Measuring range in transverse direction - ± 1 mm Reference mark - At beginning of measuring length Accuracy grade in longitudinal direction - ± 1 µm Accuracy grade in transcerse direction - ± 1.5 µm Evaluation electronics (option) - IK 121 V counter card for PCs Evaluation software (option) - ACCOM for AT compatible PCs Recommended measuring steps - 1 µm, 0,1 µm, 0,01 µm To connect this measuring system to a PC, HEIDENHAIN offers the IK121 and IK220 counter cards for insertion in AT-compatible PCs. HEIDENHAIN offers ACCOM Evaluation Software for PCs for measured value acquisition and evaluation according to ISO 230-2 and 230-4 as well as the VDI/DGQ directive 3441. Accom 2.5.3 runs on all AT-compatible PCs: IK121 (W95/98/ME) or IK220 (W95/98/ME/2000/NT4.0).