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TS 220 Workpiece Touch Probe with cable connection

Workpiece Touch Probe with cable transmission

Probe accuracy- = 5 m when using the standard styli
Probe repeatability (repeated probing from one direction)- 2 s = 1 m at a probing speed of 1 m/min
Taper shank With taper shank (for selection see 3-D Touch Probes brochure) Without taper shank (connecting thread M30 x 0.5)
Max. deflection of probe contact 5 mm in all directions
Deflection forces Axial: approx. 8 N Radial: approx. 1 N
Probe velocity Max. 3 m/min (23 600 ipm)
Signal transmission Cable
Operating temperature 10 C to 40 C
Storage temperature 20 C to 70 C
Power supply (without load) 5 V 5%
Electrical Connection Spiral cable, 1.5 m with 6-pin quick disconnect
Input / Output Signals One square-wave signal and its inverted signal Trigger signals SSignal levels:
UH =2.5 V at ?IH = 20 mA
UL = 0.5 V at IL = 20 mA at 5 V rated voltage