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VRO 300M by Acu-Rite

Designed with an easy-to-view, 9-inch CRT, a 3-D color keypad and built-in reference tables, the VRO 300M is equipped to maximize your productivity for any milling application. Up to 6 axes.

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This operator-friendly readout system reduces setup time and increases throughput with an applicationspecific feature set that includes:

Enhanced bolthole pattern calculations (row, frame, array, full and partial circles), Canned functions for common milling routines (lines, frames), Immediate-part-view graphics
Position-Trac™, a unique feature that lets you easily, quickly and accurately reestablish workpiece zero after power loss, Programming, Teach Position, Built-in quick reference tables for drilling, tapping and surface speeds, Advanced functions such as repeat, rotate, mirror and explode, Centralized 1-axis to 6-axes display, Preset and zero reset, Graphic near-zero warning, Instant inch/mm conversion, 99-segment linear error compensation

Electronic edge finder input, Shrinkage/Expansion Multiplier (Scale), Immediate-part-view Graphics, Home, Reference, Electronic Edge Finder Input, Automatic Scale Resolution Detection, Absolute/Incremental Display, Inch/mm Conversion, Bolthole Patterns: Full and Partial Circles, Linear Row/Column, Frame, Array.
Milling Functions (Lines, Frames, etc.), Centerline Calculation, 99 Tool Offsets, Programming, Teach Position
Advanced Functions (Mirror, Rotate, etc.), Preset, Reference Preset, Zero Reset, Near-zero Warning, Die-cast Metal Construction, Weight 17.0 lbs. RS-232 Interface, Optional Control Function Interface (CFI), Switchable Count Direction, Self Diagnostics, Job Clock, Linear Error Compensation: 99 Segment with Auto Calc.
Speed/Feed Rate Display, Tables (Drill and Tap Sizes, Surface Speeds, etc.)

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